Why Wood-Fired?

Authentic Italian Wood-Fired Ovens

Enjoy al fresco dining in true Mediterranean style in your own garden with an authentic Italian wood-fired oven, designed and built by Barton Garden Ovens.

The range of dishes you can cook in your wood-fired oven is virtually unlimited. From roasting, slow cooking, braising and grilling meat or vegetables to baking bread. Even desserts taste better when wood–fired!

To achieve the perfect pizza, a wood fired oven is the crucial ingredient. By cooking directly on the oven base, at temperatures not possible in a conventional oven, you are guaranteed to achieve pizza perfection!

As easy as barbecuing, yet far more versatile, your wood fired oven will be ready to use within an hour of lighting. While retaining its heat to allow cooking for a full day, you will find that your wood-fired oven will quickly become the focal point of both garden parties and everyday cooking.

You can create unique tasting food with your Barton Garden Oven as well as having a stunning aesthetic addition to your home and garden.

Few things can compare to the unique culinary experience of wood-fired cooking. The taste of any dish cooked in this traditional way, combined with the craftsmanship of a Barton Garden Oven make them today’s garden must-have. After sampling the delicious food created by a brick oven, you will certainly find it hard to go back to cooking inside!